Top Nine Wedding Makeup FAQ’s

We have heard so many questions about wedding makeup, that we decided to ask the pro Alisha Nycole  of Easton, Pa, for some answers. Here are the top nine wedding makeup FAQ’s for your planning purposes!

Alisha Nycole and Co Makeup, wedding makeup, lehigh valley wedding makeup

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Do you have any skin care tips to prep for the wedding day?

Skin care tips- hydate, hydrate and exfoliate!

When the skin is dehydrated it doesn’t look/feel supple and it can give the appearance of “cakiness” with the makeup. Make sure you drink lots of water, limit sugars, caffeine & limit over exposure to sun beds or outside. You can exfoliate 1-2 times per week with a little organic turbinado sugar mixed with your face wash. This helps to slough off dead skin and allows your skin to absorb the moisturizers & serums better!

What is your favorite long lasting product?

Our favorite long wear eyeliner- Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner in black. Best long wear lipstick- NYX lip lingerie lipstick in Push up, the perfect nude! Best long wear foundation is Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation! It looks absolutely airbrushed and it stays all day!

How long should I expect my makeup to last?

Our makeup longevity is a minimum of 15 hours! But we have many clients that send us selfies of their makeup the next morning, looking exactly the same! We layer waterproof products on in a seamless and cohesive way that is undetectable to the eye but it makes each layer applied grab each other and lock on the skin.

Alisha Nycole and Co Makeup, wedding makeup, lehigh valley wedding makeup

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How do you handle sensitive skin or skin allergies?

All of our makeup is hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, as well as ophthalmologist tested. We do have quite a few clients who have allergies to gluten, fragrance, and some other ingredients, which is no problem to handle! We make sure to educate each and every staff member on ingredients and which products work best for clients with acne prone or reactive skin.

There is also a website: that every client can check out which products and brands are gluten free! But we do inform any client with a very specific allergy to bring the product that they typically use that doesn’t cause a reaction.

Is airbrushing still a popular technique?

Airbrushing is still a popular request, but not as popular of a technique. We have all felt that it has definite flaws and limitations. The air compressor gun disperses product very unevenly, which can complicate the application. The reason people became so attached to it in the first place is because of the base of the makeup, which is an ingredient called dimethicone. It’s derived from a plastic that is non harmful to the skin as it cannot be absorbed. But, it creates a seal in the pore and doesn’t really allow the skin to breathe. Which is why people rave about it “not budging”. So we took a spray can from Dior with the same base and we spray it onto a brush, which allows us to have more control over the application! It’s essentially an airbrush hybrid with all the same benefits!

Alisha Nycole and Co Makeup, wedding makeup, lehigh valley wedding makeup

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Do you sell the products that you use? i.e. lipstick for touch ups throughout the day?

At the moment we don’t sell the lipsticks that we use, but keep an eye out….we have our own products in development now! So it will be on the shelves soon! In the meantime, we let the client know what the name and color of the lipstick is and they can order it online to make sure they have it for touch ups on their big day!

Will a spray/fake tan affect my makeup?

A spray tan is an incredible thing! It gives Brides a healthy glow and definitely protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, when they are well done. Its important to have a trial for your spray tan and make sure you like the color depth and solution used. We recommend getting those done 48 hours before the wedding day! We also recommend not getting your face sprayed if you are new to spray tans. If the application or prep isn’t seamless it can cause some undesirable peeling on the face, making the makeup application a little more challenging.

Alisha Nycole and Co Makeup, wedding makeup, lehigh valley wedding makeup

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How long on average does bridal makeup take to apply?

For a Bridal Makeup application, we always set aside at least 1 hour. We have 125 steps in our signature PERFECT application. So we like to take our time! If the application is more natural, it can take about 45 minutes.

How long before the wedding should I book my trial?

We always recommend 30-45 days prior to the wedding. Its best to get our Brides in the same season of their wedding. That way its the most accurate preview of the whole look they will wear on their big day!

Alisha Nycole and Co Makeup, wedding makeup, lehigh valley wedding makeup

Photography: Alison Conklin

There are so many different do’s and don’t’s in every aspect of wedding planning. We hope that these tips and tricks can help shed some light for you! There top nine wedding makeup FAQ’s were definitely eye opening and helpful for us, and hopefully for you too.

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