A Poconos Elopement with Intimacy, Simplicity, and Beauty

With the awe inspiring views of the Poconos mountains, Trudi and William had a simple and intimate elopement at Promise Ridge in Stroudsburg, Pa. The beauty that surrounded this couple as they said their vows was that raw and simple beauty. The backdrop that Promise Ridge provides needs nothing apart from its stunning self. The bride carried a blush, cream and burgundy fall bouquet styled by Adore vendor, Allium Floral Design. These touches of beauty added to Trudi and William’s ceremony which was the definition of beautiful intimacy. Adore vendor, Alisa Tongg, created and performed the ceremony with personal touches that further perfected the day. We hope you enjoy this beautiful inspiration of a Poconos Elopement.

How did you meet?

William and I met while we were both out one night. I worked with his sister (were both nurses) who had tried to hook us up but neither of us were interested. I had gone out one night with friends and ran into William and his sister. We ended up hanging out that night and never stopped!

What was your proposal like?

He had planned a day at Valenzano Winery (my favorite) but covid had closed everything down at that time. On March 21st, he proposed in our dining room in front of our photo collage with all my favorite moments of the past four years. He had champagne and a letter board that said “Will you marry me?”

What was something unique that you did?

I think it was pretty unique that William and I helped each other get ready that day. I thought it would be really special doing that for each other and being photographed starting the day together.

What was most important for you to have captured by the photographer?

She photographed us getting ready with each other. It was really special to me.

What was going through your mind when you saw William for the first time?

I just couldn’t stop thinking, “Holy cow we’re getting married today!” Everything I had been planning and preparing for was finally here.

What was your favorite moment of your elopement (if you had to pick just one)?

If I HAD to pick a moment from our day- it would be us exchanging vows. William has always been a man of few words and it was so sweet hearing him read the vows he wrote just for me.

What surprised you?

I was surprised at how well William wrote his vows. He’s usually not serious, always making jokes, etc. During his vows, he was really vulnerable, spoke from him heart, made me feel really special.

What made you cry?

I teared up reading my vows to him.

What made you laugh? Did you have an unforgettable funny moment?

Typically during your vows you repeat “I do.”
I, on the other hand, was so excited and nervous that I interrupted the officiant and said “YES!” multiple times instead.

What was most helpful in the planning process?

All of our vendors were super helpful. My photographer gave me her opinion on details I had planned, our celebrant gave us great recommendations on where to stay, our florist was really knowledgeable and our videographer was so friendly and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera.

Leading up, what moment was most important to you?

What was most important to me was that William enjoyed his day too. I feel like weddings are usually all about the bride and I didn’t want that. I wanted William to love his wedding day just as much as I did.

What would you do differently?

I wouldn’t do ANYTHING different!

What was your favorite design detail?

My favorite design detail were our flowers. We didn’t have many decorations because of how simple our day was. I had wax flowers in my hair as well as for his boutonnière. My bouquet was a mixture of greenery, burgundy’s and white which went great against William’s navy blue suit.

What was most helpful on the day of the elopement?

Our florist was very helpful on our wedding day. Not only did they bring me flowers for my hair to the hotel we stayed at, but also took our cake topper to the venue and styled my cake so it was ready before we got the venue.

What is something you wished someone would have told you in preparation for your elopement?

Break in your wedding shoes before you wear them!

What advice would you give to couples who are currently in the planning process?

Don’t stress! Especially with Covid. Don’t make it about everyone else. Do what YOU guys want- it’s not about the guests and the food, etc. It’s how you feel that day and how you feel after.

Congratulations to Trudi and William on their beautiful marriage. It is an honor to share this Poconos elopement with you.

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