Colorful and Fun Backyard Wedding

This colorful and fun backyard wedding was intimate, full of tradition, and so many sweet sentimental moments that were captured beautifully. Originally Anne and Patrick had a much larger wedding planned, but given the circumstances decided to have a small backyard wedding. Every single detail was executed flawlessly and created this amazing event to celebrate their love. Love was not canceled, but celebrated, and celebrated to the full in every way. It is such an honor to share such a stunning wedding.

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|| Floral Design: Allium Floral Design: Bethlehem, Pa ||

How did you meet?

We met at college in 2011 while singing in the university choir. We didn’t really talk at all until 2012, though, when we had a few classes together and became friends and study buddies. We then started dating in 2014!

What was your proposal like?

It was lovely! I thought we were going into NYC for the day to have brunch at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park and see a broadway show with friends. Instead, Patrick took me to a spot that we love in Central Park and proposed while our friends secretly took pictures nearby. After that, we saw The Lion King (which I’d always wanted to see) then went to Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare for an incredible dinner!

What was your favorite design detail?

I’m from Kansas, which is the Sunflower State, so Allium put one sunflower in my bouquet. I loved looking down and seeing this little representation of my home state!

What was something fun that you did with your wedding party?

My maid of honor Zoomed in the rest of my bridesmaids as a surprise while we were getting ready! It was so amazing to spend a little bit of time with them remotely! We didn’t hire hair & makeup artists to try to minimize the number of people at the house, so my maid of honor and I did our hair and makeup together, which was really fun!

What is something you wished someone would have told you in preparation for your wedding day?

Try to lay out all your clothing and jewelry when you’re not as frazzled. I almost walked to our first look without putting on any of my jewelry.

What made you cry?

The first look with my husband! It was such a hectic morning getting everything ready for the wedding, but seeing him in his suit right before the ceremony really made me feel present and so freaking excited!

What was going through your mind when you saw your significant other for the first time that day?

He’s so handsome!!

What surprised you?

How much work goes into organizing a backyard wedding. Our original venue included a coordinator, but since we were trying to minimize the number of people at the backyard wedding we didn’t hire a coordinator. We knew it would be a lot of work, but were still surprised by how much we had to do the morning of the wedding.

Leading up, what moment was most important to you?

Getting the Zoom to work! More seriously, the actual exchanging of rings. We were so disappointed to have to cancel our wedding, so finally being married was a moment we both couldn’t wait for.

What would you do differently?

Nothing, really! We were so happy that we were able to have any sort of wedding given the pandemic and were so thrilled with how it turned out given the circumstances.

What was most helpful in the planning process?

My husband! We planned this wedding 50/50 and had so much fun making all the decisions! He was also a steady partner while we went through the process of cancelling our original wedding, waiting for a good time to reschedule a small wedding, and then putting that together in just a few weeks.

What was most helpful on the day of the wedding?

Our family, my maid of honor and her boyfriend, and our officiant. Everyone helped a ton to get everything set out and organized the morning of the wedding.

What advice would you give to couples who are currently in the planning process?

Make sure you understand the cancellation policies in your contracts!

What was your favorite moment of the wedding day (if you had to pick just one)?

Our families put together an amazing video full of messages from our friends, families, and a few random people like the president of our university with wedding wishes. We were so surprised and touched by all the work that was put into this video and it was so amazing to see the people we loved since they weren’t able to be with us in person.

What made you laugh? Did you have an unforgettable funny moment?

While watching the video our families made, my husband laughed so hard that he broke his chair, which I’ll never forget! A close second is realizing that our dog escaped from the basement during the ceremony and ate 4 sugar cookies that my mother-in-law had spend hours decorating.

What moment was most important for you to have captured by the photographer?

All 12 of us at the dinner table! I was so appreciative of the work everyone put in to make our wedding fun and safe, especially my family driving 16 hours each way after doing a 14 day quarantine at home. It was wonderful to be able to have this human connection after so much isolation during the pandemic and I was thrilled to have that captured. Plus, I was really happy with our light canopy and Allium’s decorations and wanted those to be captured!

What was something unique that you did?

My husband is half Guatemalan, so we wanted to include some Guatemalan traditions at our wedding. One was cracking cascarones (painted eggshells filled with confetti) on each other’s heads at the end of the night to celebrate being married!

Do you have any additional thoughts or comments you would like to share?

If you need to postpone your larger wedding due to the pandemic, I highly recommend moving forward with a smaller wedding! We are so happy to finally be married and our wedding was absolutely wonderful, even though it wasn’t what we originally envisioned. We are so excited to have our large party in the next year or two, but are so happy to be married now!

Featured Adore Vendor

|| Floral Design: Allium Floral Design: Bethlehem, Pa ||

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Additional Vendors

|| Photography: Kasey Ivan Photo || Venue: Private Residence || Lighting: The Couple || Caterer: The Inn at Turkey Hill || Cake: Delo’s Bakery || Calligraphy: Groom’s Mother || Guest Accommodations: Inn at Turkey Hill & Holiday Inn Bloomsburg || Honeymoon: We plan to go to Japan eventually. In the meantime, we took a mini-honeymoon to Chicago & Lake Geneva, WI soon after we moved to the Chicago area || Wedding Gown: Justin Alexander || Bridesmaid Dress: Azazie || Menswear: Black Tux || Jewelry: Necklace from Tiffany & Co. in the 1930s, it was Groom’s great-grandmother’s: Engagement ring from Henry’s Fine Jewelry in Summit, NJ; wedding bands from Blue Nile; bracelet from Kate Spade ||