Pampering Your Wedding Party Before The Big Day

Written by Vanessa Ungvarsky, Owner of Taylor Made Polish; Easton, Pa

All of the pre-wedding activities and requirements are enough to send even the most level-headed brides into a tailspin. Whether you’re planning every minute detail on your own or customizing every choice with a wedding planner, we know the truth – you, and your whole wedding party, need a break! Yes, there are bachelorette and bachelor parties to blow off some steam and do some group bonding, but have you scheduled that time to purely unwind, relax and recharge before you say “I do?” Pampering your wedding party before the big day is a must!

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Although you may immediately tie the word ‘pampering’ with massages and nails – and don’t worry, we’ll talk about those too! – we think that pampering is when you go out of your way to appreciate, take care of, and share memories with the people who you’ve asked to be a part of your big day. Pampering your bridal party should be on your to-do list if it isn’t already, and we are here to prep you on how to do just that!

Note for weddings with Grooms: Your future husband may be adverse to the word “pamper” at first – or at all – but we’ve got some extra great ideas for the fellas up our sleeve, too. They deserve the pampering just as much, and don’t seem to get the same attention in blogs and articles, so we are here to rectify that!

Spa Day

Let’s start with the obvious – a Spa Day! It wouldn’t be a “pampering” list without a spa, and we are willing to accept our cliche start. However, keep in mind – not all Spas are created equal! While you can make appointments at many places that offer Spa services, these facilities may not have a great arrangement for providing both individual and group pampering time. Other facilities will provide both the services you want AND a variety of additional spaces and services included within the price of your spa service. These spas will likely include steam rooms and saunas, pools, jacuzzis, showers, yoga, relaxation and aromatherapy rooms, and other great, relaxing services.

Taylor Made Polish, lehigh valley small business, bridal party pampering

The biggest difference between these two kinds of Spa facilities? Usually price. If you’re being more budget conscious, the individual Spa services may be well suited. However, you get much bigger ‘bang for your buck’ when using a Destination Spa or Overnight Spa facility. Many offer a discount with an overnight stay, so it may be a fun way to extend your pampering time! Is your wedding party chipping in? Check with them on their budget and preferences.

Things to try: If you’re going close to wedding time, skin-glowing routines such as body wraps and facials are a great idea! Stay away from chemical peels and intense facial routines – tell your esthetician of your upcoming wedding if scheduled close to your wedding day, so that she can customize your session and minimize redness or recovery time.

Extra Hint: For your scheduled Day Spa trips, check the website or when you make reservations for their lunch specials. Some provide delicious and usually light fare onsite in order to keep your energy up and the fun going even longer!

Manicures and Pedicures

Never underestimate a good Manicure and/or Pedicure! Although Spas sometimes offer these services, maybe an entire spa day is a bit too much for your taste. You can get manicures and pedicures in many locations, and lots of facilities are happy to accommodate your entire group. Plus, group discounts usually apply for larger groups, so don’t forget to ask when you set up your day. This smaller more intimate set up will allow your bridal party to spend time together and enjoy each other for hours without much interruption.

Taylor Made Polish, lehigh valley small business, bridal party pampering

This isn’t just a trip for the ladies! No need to exclude your beau and his crew! Many men have never taken the time to indulge in this type of pampering, and yet would enjoy the act just as much as any woman. Is your party tight and friendly? Ask the Nail Salon for a private party and bring everyone in.

Things to Try: Thought about customizing a polish color just for your special day? Awesome options like Taylor Made Polish ( can create customized colors to match everything from your fabrics to your flowers and themed colors. This affordable option is less than $10 a bottle and will help you feel like everyone’s look is perfectly matched for the day!

Extra Hint: Ask your nail center if they allow BYOB – bring champagne, wine, beer or a pitcher of signature drinks, if that’s something your party will enjoy. Want to make it an experience? Set up a wine or beer tasting on the same day and head there after with your perfectly manicured nails!


If “grooming” is on the men’s agenda – and it better be! – a trip to a stellar barbershop is JUST what they need! There are so many barbershops who are willing to cater to a wedding party and provide a private, more intimate arrangement to suit your fellas’ needs. There are so many options available that will best suit your groomsmen’s needs.

If you’re local to the Lehigh Valley, you may be familiar with Gentlemen’s Barber Shop in Easton, who provides private accommodations in preparation for your big day. Most men don’t get the traditional barber shop pampering on a regular basis, and barber shops like these provide it. Providing great haircuts and beard grooming is great, but what about a hot towel shave with a straight razor? Eyebrow maintenance? These little extra touches take pampering for the guys to a new level – something fun, memorable and bonding that they will all remember well after the last bottle of champagne has popped. An added bonus? Their relaxed and groomed faces will light up every wedding photo!

Things to Try: Not interested in going anywhere? There are traveling barbers who can be scheduled to come to the Groomsmen wherever is convenient, even the morning of the wedding! They can usually offer a variety of services off site, and may be worth looking into.

Extra Hint: Two birds one stone? Some barber shops employ or partner with nail technicians so the men can get groomed to the max all at one time! Ask any barber shops you contact about those extra special touches they may be able to offer.

Something Different

Scheduling traditional services like Spa, Nail and Hair is always a fun way to do some pampering and encourage some bonding, but maybe you’re looking for something a little outside of the box. Why not look for something different to enhance your special day’s pre-activities?

Taylor Made Polish, lehigh valley small business, bridal party pampering

One great option, local to the Lehigh Valley, is a trip to Taylor Made Polish in Easton ( A quiet atmosphere while you and your ladies make customized nail polish is a unique, affordable experience that everyone will enjoy, leaving with a bottle of their own devising!

Depending on your seasonality, you may be interested in being a snow bunny or beach beauty! There are a lot of fun activities, from lessons on the slopes or in the ocean to sangria making workshops and sporting events. Be creative when coming up for the best kind of pampering to suit your unique group.

Things to Try: Many wineries will provide for private parties, or you could look for a local bartending school who can teach you how to mix up a mean martini. Have a creative bunch? Paint and Sip style events are relaxing, fun and always full of laughs. AirBnB might be a great option to find a lake-side home for a night or two, or even just for a fun getaway in your own town.

Extra Hint: For better discounts, find places that can offer parties for both sides of the aisle! You may be surprised that some of the more gender-specific places may have great options for both guys and gals.

An Affordable Option

You might love the idea of pampering your bridal party, but the price tag on the previously-mentioned activities has your heart racing. Have no fear – there are PLENTY of affordable options that are just as fun and relaxing. These take a little bit more planning and work but can be executed beautifully, all the same.

Taylor Made Polish, lehigh valley small business, bridal party pampering

Spa nights at home are so very affordable and a ton of fun. Items like face masks, salt scrubs, foot soaks, body wraps, and manicures/pedicures can be created or performed very affordably! Check sites like Pinterest for recipes and ideas. Sites like YouTube can teach you easy pampering techniques like foot and hand rubs, so that your group can take turns spoiling each other.

Have a group that enjoy gambling? Set up a casino night! Start with free chips for everyone, and a prize for the winner of the night. This allows you to choose your own alcohol, food, music – and costs! This is a great option for a night for the entire wedding party to get to know each other before the wedding day.

Things to Try: Pick a fun theme everyone will love – how about 80’s or 90’s night? Does someone have a pool? Cabana or Hawaiian night would be a blast for your crew! For a game night theme, have everyone bring their favorite game from home. Maybe Karaoke is the way to get the crew relaxing and having fun. There are lots of options – don’t be afraid to get creative! The more creative, the less anyone will care about a DIY party at home.

Extra Hint: Even at home, you can splurge a little here and there to make the night special! Inexpensive options like hiring a masseuse to give chair massages at your home during Spa night, hiring a bartender to mix drinks for your evening in, or employing a Poker dealer during Casino nights are extras that can enhance a night in.

For the Men

Last but not least, we noticed that there is a glaring lack of pampering ideas for the fellas, and we want to help you rectify that! Mens nights – out or in – don’t have to be traditional or cliche. Here are some of our final unique ideas for taking care of the good men in your bridal party:

Custom Cigar Roller – search around your area for someone you can hire to roll custom cigars. A unique bonding experience to say the least!
Golf Simulator Sessions – taking foursomes onto the greens is pretty ‘par for the course’ but what about a Golf Simulator? Many even include a coach to help with swing and tips – why not help them up their game while they enjoy each other’s company?
Brewery Tours & Tastings – sometimes overshadowed by the well-known wine tastings, many breweries will help you set up a custom event for your crew, include education and tasting fit to your crew.

There is so much more to ‘pampering’ your bridesmaids and groomsmen then you may have thought about before now. We hope that you have taken away some fun inspiration for what to do to show your bridal party your appreciation for everything they’re doing to make your big day special. Have more ideas or been to a fun event we didn’t think of? Be sure to let us know!

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