Checking in with Allium Floral Design

It is our privilege to have been able to check in with Sarah Petryk, Founder and Lead Designer behind Allium Floral Design, and her Director of Operations, Coleen Kirby. Speaking with these professionals only ever provides insight and guidance that we are so thankful to share. Sarah speaks about her passions, floral trends, and everything floral you ever wanted to know. Coleen chats about the behind the scenes work that makes wedding planning possible from a florist perspective. Both together provide you with the whole package!

Photography: Alison Conklin
Photography: Jennifer Green Photography
Photography: With Love and Embers
Photography: Aimee Blasko

Allium Floral Design’s creative style truly leaves us speechless. From extravagant and organic bouquets, to modern and gorgeous ceremony designs, to outstanding installments. This is just a small percentage of her stunning designs that we know will inspire you.

Photography: NY Forever Photography
Photography: Elle Studios

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